Longer, fuller hair in less than two minutes!

Have you wanted long, luxurious hair but just don’t have the time to maintain permanent hair extensions? We hear this all the time at Salt Hair, which is why we are now introducing Halo Extensions! These are super quick to apply. We mean super quick, from start to finish in under two minutes. Crazy!

These Halo’s have been designed with comfort in mind, providing a non-intrusive, safe and almost undetectable alternative to hair extensions. No tapes, no glue and no WEFTS, just a simple stretchy wire that holds it in place. Made with 100% virgin REMY hair, these extensions give your hair a fuller, longer and natural soft look while being fully adjustable for different head sizes.

Halo’s are perfect for those busy ladies who can’t have extensions all the time due to work or other commitments. Have you got a girl’s night planned, but work the next day? Lucky these Halo’s come out in less than two minutes!

With a super simple application, these Halo’s can be put on in three steps:

Step 1:

Make sure your hair is free of tangles and dry. This is super important.

Step 2:

Fit the halo over the top of your head, and pull the comfort wire down below your hairline. Focus on tightening it to ensure a snug fit.

Step 3:

Pull any hair underneath the halo out and over the top, covering the comfort wire in the process.

That’s it! Super simple, effective and easy. We can't recommend KG Luxury Hair Extensions Halo’s enough. We use them in the salon and most of our staff have one or two!

Find your Halo here:

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