We love Olaplex!

At Salt Hair we swear by Olaplex. It’s amazing benefits are seen through it’s immediate effects and it’s ability to provide beautiful hair manipulation.Here’s a transformation we achieved with a root shade and lightened ends using Olaplex to allow us to push the hair further without breakage! All of our staff are trained Olaplex experts.

What does it do?

Olaplex works by finding single sulfur hydrogen bonds and linking them back together. Basically, it finds broken hair strands and rebuilds them, reducing frizz and dullness. This allows your hair to be repaired to it’s natural state throughout and after the service. Here is a basic example of what happens.

Why do we love it so much?

Olaplex allows us to manipulate the hair much more than usual. This means in salon we can have your hair looking amazing, while allowing us to do much more with it. If you are looking to keep your hair looking beautiful, we have a Take-Home pack available as well! This ensures you can keep your hair healthy and shiny after the salon treatment. We love it because we know you’ll love it!

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