What is a weft extension?

Our inbox is flooded with questions relating to our amazing WEFT hair extensions. For this blog post, we thought we’d answer the most common questions, while providing an insight into extensions and showing you some results!

A WEFT Extension is a type of hair extension that is hand weaved or beaded into your natural hair. It is quickly becoming the most popular type of extension due to their longevity and minimal care routine. At Salt Hair we use KG Luxury Hair extensions, they are 100% Unprocessed virgin hair, meaning they matt and tangle less than your own hair!

· Maintenance

The maintenance routine of your WEFT Extensions is easily included in your beauty regime. When brushing, start from the tips to detangle the ends of your hair first, and work upwards to detangle one section at a time.

Air drying is best. However, if you do use heat always use a heat protector and have the appliance set to a low temperature. Excessive heat (above 180°C) applied to your extensions will damage or discolour the hair.

· Damage

If WEFT extensions aren’t properly taken care of, they can cause damage to the scalp and hair. If you allow your hair to become matted and tangled, this lessens the life of your extensions.

Hair breakage can also occur if the natural hair is very weak and is braided too tightly during application. We always double check this at Salt to ensure this is not a problem.

Bonding glue (which is not used at Salt Hair) can suffocate the scalp and lead to hair loss. Apart from these things, damage to natural hair is very minimal with WEFT Extensions.

· How long does application take?

Application of a half-head and full head will take around 30 minutes. This means we have adequate time to ensure everything is correct.

· Price

To have a full head of KG Hair Extensions applied in salon it will cost $550. For a half head applied in salon it will cost $360. You can also buy the extensions without having them applied in salon. These extensions can last up to 2 years, and every 4-6 weeks you will have to come in for an extension-pull up. A small price to pay for a long time with gorgeous hair!

· Results

The part we love! Check out some of these amazing Before + Afters done in-salon by our expert staff.

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